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10 vigtige dage i en slagtekyllings liv

10 important days in the life of a broiler

Article by Katia Pedrosa, Poultry Nutritionist at HAMLET PROTEIN

Australian study confirms the carry-over effect of starter feed with HP AviStart

Why does an efficient starter diet during the first ten days make a difference to broiler performance throughout the production lifecycle? A feeding trial at the University of New England, Australia, has investigated the carry-over effect of HP AviStart from HAMLET PROTEIN on broiler digestive systems.

HP AviStart is a source of highly digestible soy protein that is low in anti-nutritional factors. For the trial, 2.5%, 5% and 10% doses were added to maize and wheat-based starter diets which were then fed to male Ross 308 birds from day one to day ten. The control diets contained no HP AviStart.

The birds were housed in groups of ten, with six replicates per treatment.
Regardless of whether broilers received the wheat or maize-based diet, feed conversion rate and carcass yield were both improved if the diet contained HP AviStart. The highest dose of the specialty soy protein gave the lowest FCR compared to the control (table 1).

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