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Bedre slagtekyllinger fra top til tå

Better broilers from top to toe

Article by Thikhamporn Charoenwai, Poultry Nutritionist at HAMLET PROTEIN

Specialty soy protein reduces foot pad lesions and improves overall performance in lifecycle feeding trial

Efficient broiler production is not all about performance. Animal welfare issues such as foot pad lesions are an equally important concern. The results of a feeding trial indicate that starter feed with specialty soy protein could be part of the solution.

Foot pad lesions – or dermatitis – are most common in younger broilers as their skin is thinner and more sensitive. Once lesions develop, the affected birds are also at greater risk of infection.

Among the causes are wet bedding and foraging areas and high humidity, caused by poor ventilation. Another is diet.

When feed contains a high level of poorly digestible protein, then the level of nitrogen in broiler droppings will go up and the droppings will become looser and stickier, clinging more easily to the broilers’ feet. Due to the caustic nature of the droppings, the risk of foot pad lesions is increased.

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