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Fjern det ufordøjelige protein – og gør noget godt for smågrisenes sundhed

Cut indigestible protein – and do piglet health a favor

Article by Lars Sangill Andersen, MSc, Nutritionist at HAMLET PROTEIN

The most bioavailable nutrients give the best return on investment

One of the most important parameters when evaluating feed ingredients is the digestibility of the nutrients they contain. Published in nutrition guides, these digestibility values are often used in research projects to verify published data or shed light on new hypotheses – and they are of key importance when formulating feed for each stage of an animal’s life.

However, another equally important parameter often receives less attention. That is the amount of undigested nutrients in feed and their effect on animal health. Due to the comparative vulnerability of their gut, piglets are of particular interest in this regard.

Major feed nutrient
Protein is among the nutrients that both have an easily digestible part and a fraction that passes through the digestive tract without being absorbed.

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